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Putting ThinkGeo’s Service Area to use — ThinkGeo, GIS Mapping Made Easy

Anyone who has worked front desk at a hotel is aware of a daily task that requires the contacting of local competitors to ask them what price they are selling rooms at so that your hotel can set their rates accordingly. This is how data acquisition on the front-lines of the hospitality industry works; and several other industries for that matter. This is one of thousands of everyday tasks that ThinkGeo’s Service Area API can help with. We’re putting together a suite of Cloud services that can get some of the long tenured inaccessible questions handled, quickly and professionally. Opening a restaurant in the heart of a blooming mid size metro but need to know where most of your competition is? Want to design a visual companion for hotel clerks making those rate phone calls every day? Or maybe you just want to see if an area is rich in schools because it’s at the top of your needs!

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