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CLEOS: Taking Geoinformation Analytics to New Heights

With its powerful collection of industry-related platforms and the Cosmo-SkyMed data, e-Geos has emerged as a global leader in geoinformation services and applications. Covering the whole value chain, from data acquisition to the generation of analytics reports, with the help of its proprietary assets and algorithms, e-Geos efficiently integrates data from all satellites with the IoT information gathered over different sources. While leading the geoinformation services industry, it never ceases to innovate.

Taking the next leap, it is now enabling businesses to unlock geoinformation value in AI-powered applications. With its new platform, CLEOS, businesses are looking at easier and more direct access to e-Geos data and services, smoother operations, a self-service marketplace, availability of robust, scalable SAR Processing Tools and a lot more.

Access to a bouquet of services

As the digital platform economy in Space enlarges, there arises a greater need of platform federation and inter-operbility. This is the next big challenge, which is beautifully resolved by CLEOS.


The all-in-one solution from e-Geos allows businesses to master the digital revolution of geoinformation services. The Platform enables users to access the digital services of the market vertical application platforms, proprietary data (COSMO-SkyMed and, soon, COSMO Second Generation), EO and non EO third party data, specific microservices (e.g. SAR Data Preparation, Change Detection) and beyond.

Through the developer portal, expert users can build, test and scale their own geoinformation services and market them in CLEOS Marketplace. Through a rich and secure set of APIs, external platforms and systems can exploit CLEOS services in highly automated, machine-to-machine transactions.

A state-of-the art marketplace

The high-level architecture of CLEOS creates a marketplace for managing the purchase and delivery of geospatial and non-geospatial data, products and services. It allows the users to exploit innovative business models (subscription, pay-per-use, revenue sharing) in a safe and transaction-friendly environment.


The New Order Commercial System within the platform aids in managing Satellite Data Orders. The Processing Platform powers a collaborative development environment (Dev Portal & AI Factory) where e-Geos and third-party partners can develop new applications and services by re-using available building blocks or creating new ones and making them available to the community through the marketplace (LEGO logic).

The Data Lake has been created with the intent of centralizing the access and archive to EO and non EO data, both e-Geos proprietary and federated from third parties.

The elastic and scalable computing infrastructures used in CLEOS support the scaling up of services, with particular attention to location of commercial and non-commercial satellite data archives.

With many such features, CLEOS provides a reliable, powerful and scalable technological environment to enable anew generation of geoinformation digital services and to bravely surf the wave of digital space economy.

Matching business and customer needs

For long, businesses have been looking for a platform that provides openness to new data sources and technologies along with reduced market time, and CLEOS has the answer. With its enhanced capabilities, it not only enables businesses to target new customers, but also helps them to achieve more efficient delivery process for core e-Geos capabilities. For the users, CLEOS promises fast data planning from strategy definition to acquisition request management, feasibility analysis and monitoring.


Customer is the main actor in CLEOS. The interface allows direct access to the archive, the selection of the AoI (area of interest) and interaction with the Customer Success Team.

CLEOS is able to store and manage all sort of data giving the user a complete view of its cloud-ready data through a multi temporal and mutli-resolution approach.

The AI Factory

A prominent feature of the CLEOS Platform is the ‘The AI Factory.’ It provides the users a friendly, professional environment to build, test, validate and scale AI based geoinformation services.

AI factory

The AI Factory manages the whole lifecycle of AI models and applications, boosting the productivity of data science teams and allowing constant interaction and feedback between AI specialists, business and operations. Thanks to the high level of automation, AI applications are a few clicks away even for AI newbies.

When it comes to CLEOS, the discussion on its unique features and benefits can just go on and on.

Thus, there remains no doubt that with all the extraordinary functionalities, CLEOS qualifies as the best one-stop-shop for Satellite and Earth Observation data. It is driven by the objective of creating Happy Customers with Frictionless Customer Experience and its seamless processes and dynamic features allow it to easily achieve that.

With its high returns, the CLEOS Platform is worth your investment. Make it a part of your growth story now.

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