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NavigatAR: Moving towards COVID-safe events

NavigatAR has just been launched by UK marketing and design consultancy 2LK, which claims that the tool is a COVID-proof intelligent wayfinding system.

The product appears to be an AR-based dynamic wayfinding system that assists people to maintain social distancing measures, projecting a ‘safe zone’ around punters.

Andy Sexton, partner and executive creative director at 2LK, said that the tool is aimed at giving people confidence to return to public spaces and events.

According to a report by Spatial Source, Sexton said that as commercial and cultural spaces begin to open their doors around the world, more and more rules seem to be introduced, many appearing to contradict each other. NavigatAR aims to require confusion out of the equation, in order that people can return to their favorite shops, events and leisure destinations confidently, knowing that they’re going to be able to keep their personal space personal. He added that regardless of where people find themselves, risk rises and falls depending on many dynamic variables. To effectively govern everyone’s actions and movements, they’d like real-time data and dynamic visual guidance.

The tool offers event organizers options to re-route movement through venues, encouraging single direction movement to reduce risk. Velocity of traffic, speed and direction can be tracked to assist with effective cleaning procedures.

This may be the first in a new crop of spatial tools aimed at rethinking physical interactions in a COVID-affected world.

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