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CHC Navigation introduces New GNSS receivers | GeoInformatics

CHC Navigation announced the i73 GNSS, a versatile pocket-sized IMU-RTK GNSS rover with an integrated inertial module and the iBase GNSS, a rugged base GNSS receiver.

The combination of the i73 GNSS and the iBase GNSS offers a productive and affordable solution for measuring and staking out points in any surveying, mapping, or construction application.

“Surveyors and construction professionals are forced to carry heavy and cumbersome GNSS receivers in most situations, resulting in unnecessary fatigue and lower productivity,” said Hans Huang, product manager of CHC Navigation’s Survey and Engineering Division. “Taking this into account, we have developed our pocket-sized i73 GNSS, the lightest GNSS rover powered by the latest IMU-RTK technology, and much more. Our iBase GNSS station follows the same concept of an all-in-one solution, making the need for external radio modems and other bulky accessories obsolete”.

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