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Euclideon expands its reach in North America

In just under a year as the North American distribution partner for Euclideon Holographics in Brisbane Australia, Weisman Worldwide has now inked an agreement to handle the firm’s software business in the territory. The firm is currently marketing and distributing Euclideon’s innovative Holographic display technologies, including HoloRooms, Hologram Walls and Hologram Tables.

The new responsibilities will include distribution and sales of Euclideon’s major advances in software and 3D/point cloud data streaming including: Euclideon udStream, udSDK and associated software products. Clients for sales and joint ventures through Weisman Worldwide already include top defense contractors in aerospace; professional sports organizations; architercture and planning firms; oil and gas industry firms; major Hollywood FX and gaming companies; public universities; and several branches of the U.S. Military. 

Cory Weisman, Founder and CEO of Weisman Worldwide mentioned in the press release that they have demonstrated Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail powering the HoloRooms and Hologram Tables to industry leaders across AR/VR platforms, Holographic and Special/FX companies, Architectural Firms, Engineering and Construction companies and even military-grade imaging systems operators. And they’re all in agreement that Weisman Worldwide has a game changer in both hardware and software 3D solutions. He added that he is extremely proud to represent the Euclideon Holographics and Euclideon International’s software in North America. They are a perfect fit for their diverse relationships and clientele in this region.

Daniel Zhang, CEO of Euclideon said that Euclideon’s revolutionary 3D visualization technologies are only achievable because of the team’s unwavering belief that anything is possible by constantly re-thinking the impossible.

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