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GIS @ UWF Blog: GIS 4930 – Special Topics in GIS

Module 1: Project 1 Report Week

During the first 3 weeks of Special Topics in GIS, undergraduate students completed preparation, analysis, and reporting on (at the time) hypothetical hurricane evacuation routes for Tampa, Florida using ArcMap’s Network Analyst extension. Local, state, and federal governments work together to manage disaster relief and rescue operations. After identifying storm surge zones and potentially flooded roads, students presented these routes as maps within useful pamphlets for hospital patients and their families, for supply routes to shelters, for use as flyers to evacuate downtown Tampa, and as chyrons for local news stations. While preparing their work, Hurricane Irma formed and struck the exact area of interest for this project; students were able to show just how important these spatial analytics are in saving lives.

This week, Special Topics in GIS would like to spotlight Rachel Gwin’s amazing work. In her blog, she created a great flyer detailing the routes downtown Tampa citizens could take to their designated shelter as well as providing a professional chyron for use on network television. Her flyer is well-constructed and easy to read, making her work perfect for the intended audience. Her chyron matches evacuation zone colors with the color of font used to describe each shelter location, as well as providing in-depth instructions on what to bring and what to avoid. The blog itself does a good job detailing what each of the four deliverables entailed. Fantastic work, Rachel!

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