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IDRISI Selva Edition 17.02 Full Crack Download

IDRISI Selva is an integrated GIS and Image Processing software
solution providing nearly 300 modules for the analysis and display of
digital spatial information. IDRISI offers the most extensive set of GIS
and Image Processing tools in the industry in a single, affordable
With IDRISI, all analytical features come standard-there is no need to buy costly add-ons to extend your research capabilities.

IDRISI Selva provides:

A complete GIS analysis package for basic and advanced spatial
analysis, including tools for surface and statistical analysis, decision
support, and change and time series analysis

A complete Image Processing system with the most extensive hard and
soft classifers in the industry, including machine learning classifiers
such as neural networks and classification tree analysis, as well as
image segmentation for classification

Integrated modeling environments including the Earth Trends Modeler
for image time series of environmental trends and Land Change Modeler
for land change analysis and prediction, a critical component for REDD

Complete utilities for import and export along with a comprehensive set of documentation and tutorials.

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