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Indian Remote Sensing and GIS : Learn ArcSWAT Model Watershed Simulation using GIS

ArcSWAT is
Watershed simulation model in GIS. It uses weather and climate data to
calculate water flow at outlet Watershed. Its very Easy also. Most of Research
paper accepted who used SWAT Hydrological Model. It works with ArcGIS
10.1-10.4.  It used to calculate water
flow for ungauged catchments.  Never
think simulation is difficult, if learn in proper way its like Just Word.
Surprise your friends by Publishing a Good paper. 
In this
course you will learn other related advance task of GIS also, like preparation
of Soil Map, Mosaic of DEM etc.
  • Discharge in Cubic meter Per
    Second at Watershed outlet, Daily Monthly and yearly
  • Watershed and Sub-watershed
    delineation using SWAT
  • Configure SWAT model for any Area
    in World
  • Groundwater Recharge
  • Sediment at outlet (Soil Erosion)
  • Water Yield
  • Preparation of Soil Map and DEM
    Mosaic for large Watershed
  • Water Quality
  • Simulation of Daily Data
  • Data preparation for SWAT
  • Updating SWAT Database
  • Understanding advance task of
  • Working with daily data and
    working without data
  • Configure Data set for India
  • Evaporation and Evapotranspiration
  • Watershed Simulation
  • Successfully run The SWAT Model
  • Preparation of Soil Map of Any

Link to Course: https://www.udemy.com/running-arcswat-model-with-arcgis-for-any-study-area-gis/?couponCode=INDIAREMOTESENSING16

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