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Michael’s Course Blog: Week 1 Lab

This is my first Blog post ever!

Above is my final product of the week 1 Lab for GIS4043/L class.

This lab was created to show us the basics of ArcMap tools, views and how to add data.  More importantly It also shows us how to open the ArcMap software and learn how the data folder directory operates in the saving of files and well as showing us where portions of data are stored. We did this by reviewing the individual file components of shapefile such as DBF,SHP,SHX. This was also a great lab for learning how to use and navigate through several help areas, such as ArcHelp Online, ArcGIS Desktop Help and the Search tool within the ArcGIS software.

As you can see above, following the lab I was able to construct a basic ArcMap showing world countries by populations. Within creating this map I learned how to import country and city data and populate its corresponding legend correctly,
In finishing up the lab I learned how to add a Scale, Title, North Arrow and Text descriptions onto the layout, as well as how to properly export the map as a JPEG s allowing me to import it onto my Blog!

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