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Top 15 Applications of LiDAR Technology

Top 15 Applications of LiDAR Technology

LiDAR stands for Light detection and ranging.  LiDAR technology is a remote sensing technology that can be accurately used to determine distances by providing beam of light with a  speed of electromagnetic wave of 3×108 m/s. The beam of light (pulsed laser) strike the object and reflected back taking some time. As : Speed of light or Electromagnetic wave = Distance / Time

Distance = Speed x Time

In the light of the above relationship, distance is determined.

LiDAR technology has several applications and uses across various industries and fields. Below are some of the applications of LiDAR. You will absolutely like the last application!

1. DEM:

DEM stands for Digital Elevation Model. It is a raster data (image) contains on cells of size ranging from 1m to 90m. Each Cell contains on elevation information which can be used successfully for geomorphology, modeling of water flow, the topography of lands, DAM and reservoirs survey, land surveying, 3D visualizations of earth surface and many more, etc. DEM taken by LiDAR technology has greatly facilitated the advanced surveying in regards to accuracy and precision as compared to the traditional surveying.

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