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Unacast and telco MTN join hands to fight COVID-19 in Nigeria

Unacast has recently declared that it has entered into a partnership with telco MTN. The partnership aims to use privacy-friendly, aggregated and anonymized, human mobility insights derived from MTN’s network information. It will permit Unacast to make their COVID-19 Social Distancing Scoreboard available to Nigerian citizens and officials.

Unacast CEO, Thomas Walle said that social distancing has proven to be an effective strategy in helping fight the pandemic, and the Unacast’s Social Distancing Scoreboard has been embraced around the world by leaders, media and citizens alike as a way to convey its impact. The scoreboard is designed to provide actionable data which is easy to grasp and comprehend for everyone. He added that they are honored to work with MTN to make this accessible to the citizens of Nigeria.

Human mobility intuition from Unacast’s Social Distancing Scoreboard will assist African public officials and the population to make informed decisions when navigating COVID-19 across regions. Unacast’s human mobility platform will also permit African decision makers to access data-driven insights for urban planning and development including real estate, retail, transportation, research and more.

Chief Corporate Services Officer, MTN Nigeria, Tobechukwu Okigbo said that to fight this pandemic, they must work as a community, with government, business, the healthcare system and citizens joining forces to practice social distancing and other safety measures. He added that MTN is content to collaborate with Unacast by bringing this Social Distancing Scoreboard to the general public as a vital tool which everyone can utilize to flatten the curve.

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