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Aerometrex gets a subscription boost after signing Suncorp and Geoscape Australia to its service

Adelaide aerial mapper Aerometrex recently announced that they have signed major corporates Suncorp and Geoscape Australia to its digital imagery service as its subscription model continues to mark its presence in the aerial imagery space.

The two contracts are worth a minimum of $860,000, taking the entire value of latest subscriptions within the September quarter to quite $1 million. Other corporate subscription growth since Dominion Day includes partnerships with engineering firms, architects, surveying firms, local councils, agronomists, urban planners and solar companies.

Aerometrex is a 30-year-old company, which listed on the ASX in December 2019 and features a market cap of about $117 million.

MetroMap is a web aerial imagery subscription service provided by Aerometrex, with highly accurate geospatial data viewed through an internet browser interface, to which Aerometrex has added 3D models.

Aerometrex director Mark Deuter said the corporate would still heavily promote MetroMap and its 3D Modelling services and expects the expansion to continue at least until Christmas.

Suncorp will utilize MetroMap data to provide geospatially accurate and precise imagery over more than 8.5 million residences across capital cities and selected regional towns in Australia.

While, Aerometrex’s agreement to supply imagery to leading source of geospatial data Geoscape Australia will permit it to derive a portion of ongoing sales revenue of Geoscape products.

Indaily quoted Mark Deuter, Aerometrex director as saying that the results of the last three months clearly indicate that their strategic specialization in MetroMap is delivering results. He added that they have demonstrated their ability to scale their capture and processing effort while still maintaining accuracy and further improving the standard and determination of the merchandise. The endorsement of subscriptions by major corporate customers indicates that the worth of the offering is now understood by the market and is now materializing in the growth of ARR.

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