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Satellogic teams up with European Space Imaging and others to launch global consortium of imagery

In an interesting development, Satellogic has announced the public launch of a Global Consortium of Geospatial Imagery. Buenos Aires, Argentina-headquartered, Satellogic, the first company to develop a scalable Earth observation platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency and high-resolution, is joined by European Space Imaging, the leading supplier of global imagery in Europe and North Africa, Singapore-based Eartheye, which covers the JAPAC region, and 5CI for Brazil and Colombia in Latin America, as the founding members of the consortium.

Through the consortium, the fellow affiliates will leverage Satellogic’s constellation to provide their customers with high resolution, high frequency, affordable geospatial imagery. They will have access to both multispectral and hyperspectral images, as well as Satellogic’s tasking, downloading, and processing capabilities.

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Need for the consortium

“Through the consortium, we will ensure imagery gets into the hands of decision makers quickly, effectively, and at the right price point, so that governments, as well as enterprises of all sizes, can remain competitive and informed,” says Luciano Giesso, Sales Director, Satellogic.

“Sub-meter resolution with high frequency represents a sweet spot for efficiently monitoring and detecting the kinds of activities that impact and inform economic projections and models in a variety of industries. Access to Satellogic’s high frequency multispectral images will help us to better serve our customers in any number of verticals,” says Adrian Zevenbergen, Managing Director, European Space Imaging. Further, Satellogic’s exclusive commercial access to hyperspectral satellite sensors is expected to significantly contribute to space-based ‘Digital Twin of Earth’ initiatives.

Satellogic currently has four commercial NewSat spacecraft in LEO with each satellite carrying both multispectral sensor at sub-meter resolution and a hyperspectral sensor at 30m resolution, with the capability to provide up to three daily revisits. The company has a scheduled launch this year which will add another 10 satellites in orbit. By 2023, Satellogic expects to have 60 satellites in orbit by 2023.

Satellogic is vertically integrated – it manufactures its own spacecraft and provides both tasking and data processing services at scale, thus ensuring that Global Consortium affiliates can better serve their customers and meet even their most time-sensitive needs.

“More than ever before, leaders across industries need up-to-date information to create resilient organizations,” said Satellogic COO, Federico Jack. “We are proud to be able to leverage our growing constellation to lead a network of partners as renowned as European Space Imaging.”

Satellogic’s teams of satellite engineers, AI experts, and solution specialists work together to deliver high-frequency, high resolution, end-to-end solutions for large enterprises and governments of all sizes who need to see for themselves how our world is changing.

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