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Attend Geospatial Commission’s report launch event to learn more about UK’s geodata ecosystem

On Tuesday 24 November 2020 the Geospatial Commission will publish “Enhancing the UK’s Geospatial Ecosystem” a report which sets out three key areas for action that are needed to enhance the UK’s location data market. The launch will also include publication of an independent report by Frontier Economics, the ‘Geospatial Data Market Study’, which explored the dynamics of the UK’s location data market and gathered the evidence that underpins the Geospatial Commission’s recommended areas for action.

Speakers include:

Sir Andrew Dilnot, Chair of the Geospatial Commission

Thalia Baldwin, Director of the Geospatial Commission

Sarah Snelson, Director at Frontier Economics

Noud Hooyman, Head of Policy at Ministry of the Interior, Government of the Netherlands

Attilio Di Battista, Economist, World Economic Forum

Please register to hear more about this groundbreaking exploration of the UK’s geospatial ecosystem.

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