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Do you use GNSS? Shape the next generation of location services

Geoscience Australia is opening a Request for Insights on how precise positioning services are being used in the field. 

Do you work with positioning services? If so, the federal agency in charge of positioning — Geoscience Australia — wants to hear from you.

Geoscience Australia has announced that registration for an online Request For Insights is now open, which will help shape the next generation of standards and protocols in Australia’s development of high accuracy positioning services.

‘If you or your customers need to position an ‘asset’, such as a tractor, harvester, drone, train, ship, cargo container, construction crane or other vehicle, in a precise ‘location’, such as staying in lane, flying over specific areas, moving safely around workers on worksites, then we want to hear from you,’ Geoscience Australia writes in the announcement.

‘This is like agreeing on a train-gauge before we lay rail tracks across the country.  With a better understanding of the industry needs, we can make sure the ‘gauge’ meets your needs.’

The agency is partnering with FrontierSI, Curtin University and Positioning Insights to evaluate industry practices in developing new standards and products for precise positioning that are conformant with ‘FAIR’ (Findable – Accessible – Interoperable – Reusable) principles.

Register to participate and make your voice heard, and you will be contacted by the team lead within ten days. The questionnaire will be released in mid-December and is anticipated to take 30 minutes to complete.

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