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GIScience News Blog » Blog Archive » OSMlanduse European Union validation effort EuroSDR conference 11/24/2020

During the EuroSDR workshop we will present our OSMlanduse product (earlier post) to the land use (LU) and land cover community (LC) and highlight class accuracies and a benchmark comparison towards existing national authoritative products. Accuracy estimated to be presented are based on more than 7k reference points collected in the past month through a permanently open validation campaign. The campaign was featured on Octobers the EuroRegions week and GeoNet MRN meetup.

The mapathon comes in four themes: nature, urban, agriculture or expert. While the expert campaign may be addressed exclusively by application professionals the themes nature, urban, agriculture can be done by anyone that is enthusiastic about geography. Contribute here and choose your flavor.

If you have not registered for EuroSDR you can directly join the validation event held on 24.11.2020, 14:00 – 15:30 by contacting Michael Schultz to receive login credentials. Given that the validation effort is open permanently visit it directly here.

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