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India drafts a new Remote Sensing Policy

Considering the global trends, advancement of technology, wide ranging demand for remote sensing data – both within and outside the country, and the recent initiative of the Government towards self-reliantIndia, it is pertinent to evolve new policy directions for space-based remote sensing for enhanced participation of Indian industry and ‘ease of data access’.

With this intent the department of space (DoS) has drafted a new ‘Space Remote Sensing Policy – 2020′ (SpaceRS Policy – 2020).

The new policy aims at encouraging various stakeholders in the country to actively participate in space based remote sensing activities to enhance commercialization of space technology. An easy access of space based remote sensing data and information shall enable unfolding of knowledge based solutions, addressing many planning and monitoring requirements of the nation.

The Policy states that Government of India shall:

  1. promote Indian Industries to carry out space based remote sensing activities within and outside India.
  2. enable easy access to space based remote sensing data, except for “sensitive data and information”.
  3. concentrate on realisation of space based remote sensing systems to cater to the country’s needs, that cannot be effectively, affordably and reliably satisfied by the commercial entities, either due to national security concerns or economic factors.
  4. provide a timely and responsive regulatory environment for the commercial Indian industry to establish and operate space based remote sensing systems.

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