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Quanergy introduces industry-leading M8-Prime 3D LiDAR Sensor

Quanergy Systems, Inc., a leading provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and smart perception solutions, has unveiled the new M8-Prime series of 3D LiDAR sensors for mid- to long-range industrial applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and precision in industrial markets particularly in warehouse logistics and container ports and terminal automation.

Featuring an extended range up to 200 meters, the M8-Prime Series provides a market-leading angular resolution of 0.033 – 0.132 degrees that enables the sensor to reliably detect and identify objects with pinpoint accuracy. The M8-Prime Series generates exceptionally clear and detailed 3D point clouds by capturing over 1 million data points per second—more than double the volume of data captured by competing solutions. Like all LiDAR sensors from Quanergy, the M8-Prime Series operates reliably in any ambient lighting and weather conditions and maintains its high performance day or night.

The M8-Prime Series features a 360-degree field of view, which enables flexible installation and provides complete coverage of scanned areas. The M8-Prime Series is compact and lightweight for deployment in tight spaces. The sensor is easy to install and configure thanks to standard M12 panel mount connectors and a user-friendly sensor API.

Built upon the superior scanning technology of previous models, the M8-Prime Series is the new standard in Quanergy’s portfolio of 3D LiDAR sensors. The sensor’s superior detection accuracy is uniquely suited for industrial markets, particularly in warehouse logistics and container port and terminal automation applications which require a high degree of certainty of an object’s location and position.

The M8-Prime Series of 3D LiDAR sensors is immediately available. To request more information about the new M8-Prime, contact [email protected].

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