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Shawn DeAdder Recipient 2020 GoGeomatics Canada Group Leadership Award

Shawn DeAdder Recipient 2020 GoGeomatics Canada Group Leadership Award

GoGeomatics is pleased to present the GoGeomatics group leader award to the Edmonton GoGeomatics group leader Shawn DeAdder. First announced at GeoIgnite 2020 online.

Shawn has made significant contribution to the Canadian geospatial sector through his leadership and mentoring of the next generation of geospatial professionals.

Shawn has been an inspiration to me and others in the community. He combines his expertise in the subject matter and empathy for others with his natural leadership to support a vibrant tech community in Alberta and the wider Canadian stage. I’m proud of what all our group leaders have achieved over the years – bringing the community together is important. This award recognizes that.”

– Jonathan Murphy, Founder, GoGeomatics Canada

Shawn is the GoGeomatics group leader in Edmonton and the Spatial Data Manager for Lux Modus. He is a veteran and has given of his time and energy to bring the Canadian “Geo” community together both on and offline.

If you have not attended a GoGeomatics group event, they are about connecting with location technology professionals, students, entrepreneurs, academics, and related organizations. These are fun, free of charge events that, pre-pandemic, we held in most major cities across Canada each month.

Now we are online with regular cross-Canada events that keep our community active and engaged. Shawn has been a big part of that effort, not just in 2020, but over many years. To get news about our events sign up for our weekly newsletter here.

The 2020 GoGeomatics Group Leadership Award recognizes the effort of our group leaders who give of their time and passion to the community to inspire and connect with others, which benefits us all.

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