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What Exactly Is a GIS Specialist?

By: GIS Geography · Last Updated: August 26, 2020

What Exactly Is a GIS Specialist?

A GIS specialist is well-rounded in all areas of GIS. In particular, they specialize in analysis, cartography and data management.

There’s an expectation that each GIS specialist is multi-disciplinary. For example, they can automate with ModelBuilder or by building Python scripts. And they can handle almost any task thrown at them.

Often the case, GIS specialists have the same roles and responsibilities as a GIS analysts. But the only difference is just the job title.

Today, let’s explore the career of the GIS specialist. And are they really that special?

GIS Specialist Job Description

If you look at the GIS specialist job description, it has some common themes. For example, most GIS specialist jobs include the following skill sets:

  • TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: They act as technical expert in Geographic Information Systems. No matter the task, GIS specialists go above and beyond expectations. For example, it can even include database administrator, programming and IT-related roles.
  • DATA MAINTENANCE: The maintenance and creation of geographic data is a staple in GIS. Without spatial data, there is no GIS. By following and building guidelines, GIS specialists act as a primary data custodian. To such a degree, this maintains accuracy and quality in the organization.
  • SCRIPTING LANGUAGES: Nowadays, it’s common to see coding experience in GIS specialist job description. By using scripting languages, you can automate workflow and improve productivity. The most frequent are Python, JavaScript and VB.
  • MAPPING: Mapping is the lifeblood for visualization in GIS. As a GIS specialist, there is a fair dose of building cartographic output. By applying the principles of cartography, you won’t only produce paper maps. But you will develop web maps for online usage too.

Are GIS specialists in demand?

The graph below displays the number of GIS jobs available by year.

gis technology jobs trends

If you look at them as separate jobs, GIS technicians, analysts and specialists have the lowest demand. Unfortunately, these positions have a high number of applicants too.

But GIS technicians, specialists and analysts have overlap in their job description too. If you add up their job postings, their job demand would be similar to GIS managers and developers.

Quality of Life and Average Salary

According to PayScale, the average salary for GIS specialists are $51,000 in the United States.

Even though all situations are different, Payscale gives a fairly decent quality of life ratings for GIS analysts at 3.8/5:

  • Personal satisfaction: C
  • Benefit to society: B
  • Flexibility: B
  • Low stress: A

Stress ranks the best. Then, flexibility and benefits to society also rank fairly well. But personal satisfaction ranks the lowest. If you think about it, it’s true in some cases. For example, editing data and writing metadata can be a drag on your career.

Summary: What Is a GIS Specialist?

In summary, GIS specialists are similar to GIS analysts.

But GIS specialists have a bit more experience and are well-rounded in most areas of GIS.

They are fairly high in demand and have a decent quality of work-life balance.

Make sure to read more on our GIS career options below.

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