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A quick synopsis on what is in store for 2021 | Swift Geospatial

There is no doubt that 2020 brought fresh complications and with it the need for innovation across all industries.  With the geospatial industry being brought to the fore, as tracking, monitoring and strategy-creation (based on collected information) became buzzwords across the globe as we dealt with the pandemic.

2020 tought us as a company, that by surrounding ourselves with a strong, passionate team aimed at developing solutions that welcome the advancements within the online space, we are able to approach the future with productive enthusiasm.

At Swift Geospatial, we made a decision in 2019 to move all our systems into the Amazon Web Service (AWS).

By shifting our workforce online, it created remote access that allowed employees to safely work from home. Being in an industry that explores earth observation through the use of satellite imagery showcased, throughout 2020, the value in remote sensing. With individuals no longer allowed to gather information from the field, satellites continued to collect invaluable data which was transformed into knowledge, opening the door for a multitude of innovations and remote sensing products to be developed.

2021 will once again bring it’s share of challenges to the table as the world grapples with vaccination rollouts and finding the right balance of office vs home working environments. This year, we are more prepared than ever to take remote sensing to the next level in improving decision making through better information.

The Swift Geospatial management team would like to wish everyone a safe 2021.

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