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Chennai to use GIS mapping to keep track of waterbodies and drain network

The civic body governing the city of Chennai in India, the Greater Chennai Corporation (GHC), has decided to use GIS to map water bodies in the city and keep track of its storm water drain network.

Under the project, the boundaries of the water bodies will be mapped, in order to protect them from encroachment. A corporation official said that the mapping will begin once a survey of the stormwater drains and water bodies has been completed, reported DTNext.

GHC has already floated tenders for conducting the GIS survey and creating a geospatial map for the project. Prior to this, a GIS study of the city was first conducted a few years ago, in order to identify buildings that were under-assessed for property tax.

Since then, the municipal body has carried out the mapping of several public utilities, including offices of the Chennai Corporation, parks, public toilets, and more, including newly planted avenue trees.

The official further added that the mapping of the stormwater drain network will provide an understanding of the facilities in the city, so the civic body is better able to identify its future requirements.

To date, GHC maintains a stormwater drain network of over 2,000 km and 210 water bodies, including temple ponds. Meanwhile, discussions are also underway to carry out mapping activities for the identification of vacant plots and buildings owned by the civic body, in order to prevent encroachments.

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