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FlytNow and Hexatronics collaborate to revolutionize aerial security with DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

FlytNow, a solution-based hardware agnostic company, and Hexatronics, an industry leader in battery swapping technology, announced their partnership to support businesses embrace drone automation. As the aerial security market is highly expensive, complex, and a complicated system setup, this partnership will enable users with a shortened time to market. Moreover, there is a lack of software support to automate off-the-shelf drones like DJI Mavic 2 series.

The synergy of the two companies will create an ecosystem of trusted, cost-effective automated workflows which in turn will help its users to act on credible information and take tactical decisions from remote areas to mitigate security risks. To overcome challenges and usher an environment of smart security solutions, Hextronics’ integration with FlytBase’s intelligent drone automation software, will provide a one stop solution for all the security needs of businesses. The integrated solution has the ability to automate drone takeoff and landing, pre-plan flights over assets for maintaining round the clock security. 

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