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Indoor mapping goes mainstream with IMDFaaS

Unlocking the endless business applications of indoor digital mapping is now faster and simpler than ever with the launch of IMDFaaS, a full-service Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) development platform that delivers precise IMDF archives. IMDFaaS’s proprietary technology and development expertise make acquiring high-quality IMDF archives fast, simple, and affordable for any sized venue or facility. Whether enabling wayfinding through a new medical campus, delivering contactless personalized experiences for shoppers, guiding first responders in emergency situations within large buildings, or helping COOs optimize their workforce, IMDFaaS makes it easy for organizations to unlock new indoor intelligence while delivering innovative experiences for customers, visitors and employees. 

Led by one of the world’s leading experts in architecturally sophisticated IMDF creation, Judd Swanson, IMDFaaS is revolutionizing the IMDF development process to accelerate indoor mapping applications.

“IMDF as a standardized, open format changes everything for indoor mapping by preventing siloed ecosystems or proprietary formats that lock you into one vendor or constrain your indoor maps to a single function,” said Swanson, SVP geospatial and indoor positioning at IMDFaaS. “Plus, indoor mapping has been cost-prohibitive for most enterprises because there was no efficient way to create the high-quality files needed for end-use applications. Now, any organization has the potential to deliver new customer experiences quickly or optimize their workflow within any indoor space. Nobody is providing IMDF as a service like we are.”

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