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NV5 Geospatial survey finds utility companies lack analytics to improve resilience in extreme weather

NV5 Geospatial, powered by Quantum Spatial, North America’s largest geospatial data firm, announced results of a recent survey showing that most utility companies are not taking advantage of advanced data and analytics to improve resilience and mitigate risk. The “Geospatial Analytics, Resilience and Extreme Weather Readiness” survey of more than 100 utilities from across the United States revealed that even though almost all utilities have wildfire and storm mitigation strategies in place, only about one-third are using locational data and 3D modeling to assist with evaluating asset health, preventing outages and managing vegetation.

“In 2020 alone, 30 named Atlantic storms caused almost $40 billion in damages, while California experienced a record drought that resulted in rolling blackouts and spawned five of the six largest wildfires in history. These unpredictable challenges are difficult for utilities to manage, as are more predictable problems, such as vegetation growth around critical infrastructure,” said Eric Merten, vice president & general manager, Commercial Markets, NV5 Geospatial. “Advanced data and analytics offer a proven way to improve risk mitigation and build on utilities’ GIS investments. By taking a ‘collect once, use multiple times’ approach, utilities can cost-effectively use lidar and 3D modeling to proactively monitor and manage the grid, promoting resilience in the face of extreme weather events and more common root causes of outages.”

The survey was conducted Fall 2020 by Zpryme with representatives from more than 100 utility companies.

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