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ProStar’s Precision Mapping Solutions adopted by LTU’s engineering curriculums

ProStar Holdings Inc. has announced that it has entered into an educational partnership program with Louisiana Tech University (LTU) to integrate ProStar’s™ Precision Mapping Solutions™ into the engineering department at both the undergraduate and graduate level curriculums.

“Working with innovative and disruptive technologies like ProStar’s PointMan® is invaluable to the education of the engineering students at Louisiana Tech University,” stated Dr. John Matthews, TTC Director, LTU. “PointMan offers the ability for my students to become familiar with a new and innovative technology that is now seeing adoption by construction firms, engineering and surveying companies, and government agencies.” The engineering professor went on to say, “We want our engineering graduates to be the most skilled students when they enter the workforce, and working with a robust mobile and cloud data collection solution like ProStar’s PointMan helps us to attain that goal.”

In addition to providing students with hands-on awareness of best-in-class technologies that can resolve difficult underground infrastructure problems, LTU also conducts research activities in conjunction with academia, government, and industry at their Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) to improve trenchless technologies for the management of infrastructure. The partnership between ProStar and LTU provides information transfer between the two entities. As part of the partnership, ProStar is providing LTU free educational licenses for ProStar’s Solution and is creating an educational learning program called “PointMan University.”

Ben Skogen, PointMan Project Manager, ProStar, stated, “This is a great opportunity to further expand our reach and encourage adoption as we now get the brightest young engineering minds familiar with our solutions before they enter the workforce.”

Mr. Skogen also added that the Company has received expressions of interest from other major universities in North America as well as Europe to enter into a similar educational engagement as Louisiana Tech University.

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