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Raytheon Intelligence & Space delivers its 3,000th GPS Receiver to U.S. Air Force

Raytheon Intelligence & Space recently delivered its 3,000th Miniaturized Airborne GPS Receiver (MAGR) 2000-S24 system to the U.S. Air Force. A secure and resilient GPS receiver, the MAGR2K allows warfighters to navigate seamlessly, protected against interference and jamming.

The MAGR2K offers a significant upgrade over legacy miniaturized airborne GPS receivers and is currently used in 20 different fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms from the Department of Defense and foreign military sales customers.

Eric Ditmars, Vice President of Secure Sensor Solutions at RI&S, said, “In the battlespace, disruptions to navigation are not an option. Our MAGR2K GPS receivers enhance GPS acquisition and performance ensuring military forces reliable and assured GPS data they can act on. Delivery of the 3,000th unit is a significant milestone for our team.”

Raytheon Intelligence & Space will continue to upgrade the MAGR2K technology to meet the needs of the evolving battlespace. Development is currently underway for the MAGR-2K-M, which uses Raytheon’s M-Code technology. The first production readiness units are currently undergoing platform integration on the U.S. Air Force’s B-2 platform.

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