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UK Government announces trusted digital contractors for 2021-22

The UK Government’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has launched the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework, designed to help the public sector buy, design, build and deliver bespoke digital solutions and services. 94% of the 3,340 suppliers on the new agreement are SMEs.

DOS 5 is accessed through the Digital Marketplace, created in 2014 by CCS and Government Digital Service (GDS) to make government procurement easier and more transparent. There are four solutions available to customers: digital outcomes, digital specialists, user research studios, and user research participants.

To date, the public sector has spent more than £2.5bn through Crown Commercial Service’s DOS agreements since 2016, with 34% of that spend – more than £800m – going directly to SMEs. The latest agreement will be hosted on the Digital Marketplace, allowing private suppliers to compete for work.

The UK Government is working to build back fairer by leveling the playing field for suppliers of all sizes. This is aimed at supporting its aspiration that 33% of central government spending will go to SMEs by 2022.

Patrick Nolan, Technology Director at Crown Commercial Service, said, “Our Digital Outcomes and Specialists agreement continues to facilitate our customers’ digital transformation while also creating opportunities for suppliers of all sizes. By simplifying the application process as much as possible we are reducing the barriers that SMEs can face when seeking to supply to the public sector.”

Sheffield-based technical solutions company, The Curve, has been accepted by the UK Government to deliver both team and individual-led digital outcomes with the DOS 5 agreement, effective from June 2021 onwards and lasting for a period of 12 months.

Paper, another Sheffield-based SME, is also working with the UK Government’s Department for Education to design a service, provide program strategy, and conduct user research to support schools buying goods and services like computer equipment and energy, more efficiently, and at the best value.

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