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Azur Drones obtains autonomous flight authorization in the Northern European market

In a blog, Azur Drones announced its first autonomous flight authorization in Northern Europe, thereby opening the path to an operational deployment on an Oil&Gas sector-major player’s site. With its Skeyetech drone-in-box solution, the French autonomous drone will carry out safety and operations support missions there.

The Denmark Civil Aviation Administration has just authorized the use of Skeyetech autonomous drone in the Copenhagen area, thereby consecrating the reliability of the French system and its compliance with the new European regulatory requirements.

With this authorisation issued following a risk analysis (SORA: Specific Operational Risk Assessment) approved by the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), Azur Drones confirms its position as a precursor in innovating drone operations. For several years, the company has been contributing to regulatory works at the international level to make autonomous flights a standard.

In 2019, it was the first to obtain a generic flight authorization from the French Civil Aviation Authority for autonomous operations carried out remotely by security personnel that does not meet remote pilot training requirements. Ever since, the company has been deploying its systems in Europe and the Middle East. Currently, Skyeyetech is the most frequently deployed autonomous drone system in the world with over 150 users and 10,000 operational flights.

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