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Geofencing startup Radar announces support for beacons

Radar, the leading geofencing platform, launches support for beacons, one of its most highly requested features, making it simple to range, monitor, and build experiences with Bluetooth beacons using Radar, the company announced on its official blog.

Courtesy: Radar

Radar geofences can already power contextual app experiences, contextual messaging, and arrival and visit detection with building-level accuracy. Beacons can power these same types of use cases with sub-meter accuracy, even indoors. One can think of beacons like hardware-enabled micro-geofences that complement your existing geofence implementation.

Radar is compatible with any iBeacons, and customers can begin ranging and monitoring beacons in Radar after importing beacons and their metadata via CSV. In addition to purpose-built proximity beacons, Radar can help you activate and import in-store devices like wi-fi routers or iPads as beacons.

For customers seeking beacon hardware, we’re proud to partner with two of the leading beacon manufacturers: Kontakt.io and Estimote.

Rom Eizenberg, CRO, Kontakt.io said, “Working together with innovators such as Radar, we focus on making IoT technology simple, helping end-users rapidly unlock business value by complimenting Radar’s applications with beacon, tags and sensors devices, IoT networks, cloud monitoring and remote administration services – everything needed to quickly launch and securely maintain advanced services and new experiences.

“We are delighted to partner with Radar as we share a common vision of a digitalized physical world. We believe our integration opens exciting opportunities for very precise location-based-mobile experiences said, Jonathan Duque, Director of Sales, Estimote.

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