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Mott MacDonald and Igloo Vision join forces to deliver shared immersive experience

Mott Macdonald and Igloo Vision have partnered to develop a 360° shared immersive space based on the Moata Rehearsive technology platform. Moata Rehearsive unlocks the power of virtual reality (VR) and is a compelling way of helping clients rehearse construction processes ahead of time, releasing safer buildable design so that you can deliver right first time. The Igloo Immersive Media Player (IMP) allows Mott MacDonald’s Moata Rehearsive digital product to be used as a 360° shared immersive experience.

Experiencing the Moata Rehearsive environment together in person is a natural extension of the product’s current capabilities. It builds on its multiplayer format where those with VR headsets can interact with one another online. The Moata Rehearsive Igloo experience allows whole groups to get right inside the virtual models, and collaborate in person, bringing a new dimension to immersive technology in construction.

Mott Macdonald will be offering the experience to clients that are seeking multiple ways to collaborate in their construction scenarios. Colleagues can now join in VR, desktop, or from an Igloo immersive space, no matter their location.

Moata Rehearsive integrates with 3D models, BIM information, and photogrammetry meshes, thanks to native integration with Revit, OBJ and FBX. Users can review and optimize with human-centric data collection tools to explore and rehearse construction sequences, improving methodologies and time estimates. It identifies, manages and mitigates risk with a range of comment, mark up and temporary works tools.

Andrew Zhao, Product Lead, Moata Rehearsive at Mott Macdonald said: “Working in partnership with Igloo Vision has allowed us to create an incredibly immersive experience offering for the infrastructure sector. Our tried and tested Moata Rehearsive solution has been enhanced through the integration of the Igloo IMP which is designed from the ground up to be content-agnostic, making it simple for users to work with our existing tools.”

“At Igloo, we’ve seen many innovative uses of shared immersive technology in designing and reviewing construction projects,” said Colin Yellowley, R&D Director at Igloo Vision. “We’re excited to integrate the Igloo IMP with Moata Rehearsive to empower our clients to further hone their digital engineering strategies. Being able to spot risks and practice processes well ahead of construction is yet another example of how virtual reality can save clients time and money and deliver tangible value.”

Igloo Vision joins a growing list of companies working alongside Mott MacDonald. It becomes part of its partnership ecosystem, which brings together start-ups, tech companies, universities, and industry bodies to connect to its deep domain expertise, releasing value for clients and their customers.   

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