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Swoop Aero, TerryWhite Chemmart & Symbion to conduct trial remotely of drone delivery of pharmaceuticals in Australia

Trial flights of Swoop Aero, a humanitarian drone delivery provider will begin soon in the town of Goondiwindi, located on the Queensland/New South Wales border, Australia. Swoop Aero is working with aviation authorities to ensure that all regulations are met during the trials, said a Swoop Aero press release.

A new partnership between Swoop Aero, TerryWhite Chemmart, and Australia’s largest healthcare wholesaler Symbion, will trial remotely operated drone delivery of pharmaceuticals.

Lucy Walker, TerryWhite Chemmart Goondiwindi pharmacist said that she is delighted their community has been chosen to trial the delivery of medicines by drone.

Walker said, “Many of my customers live on farms or small towns in outlying areas. In some cases a visit to our pharmacy to collect their vital medicines may mean a three-hour round trip.”

“The project is being funded by EBOS Group, the parent entity of Symbion, and underlines the company’s commitment to ensuring all Australians can access medicines no matter where they live and whatever their circumstances,” says the press release.

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