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GIScience News Blog » Blog Archive » Successful PhD Defense by Amin Mobasheri on OSM quality enrichment for wheelchair routing

Last Friday Amin Mobasheri of the GIScience Research Group Heidelberg University successfully defended his PhD in Geoinformatics. Due to the Corona pandemy the defense was conducted in hybrid mode with the committee members participating virtually and only Prof. Zipf and Amin being physically in the room. What a shame there was no joint celebration possible afterwards…
The thesis was related to work done in the EU H2020 CAP4Access project and dealt with methods for analysing and improving OpenStreetMap data quality for routing services for mobility impaired persons.
This is motivated by earlier and still ongoing work to provide navigation services for wheelchair users based on OpenStreetMap data through our routing service openrouteservice.org

Well done and all the best to Amin!

Further related work:

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