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Locate21 Program now live, speakers announced

New York State Police’s Senior Intelligence Analyst, Kellen Crouse, will provide an inside look at the crucial role of geospatial analysis in solving a missing person case turned homicide. From visualising witness statements, to recovering evidence and organising search teams, GIS helped bring closure and justice to a rural New York town.

Exploring the conference theme of ‘Convergence, Collaboration and Community – towards a stronger economy’, it delves deep into streams about data & digital twins, surveying and the new technologies out there, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), how location aids a resilient environment, and so much more.

From engaging plenary speakers, through thought-provoking streams, collaborative discussions within the Virtual Locate Hub, workshops demonstrating the latest ideas & technology and even to virtual coffee tasting, Locate21 is not to be missed!

Speakers announced

The Locate21 Program is now available and features an array of engaging speakers, ranging from government and space industry executives to police intelligence analysts and leaders in global development.

Locate21’s program will feature four days of virtual presentations and workshops, and two days of live events on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 March 2021, which include:

  • Program content running between 10:30 – 15:30 Qld time each day.
  • Optional in person workshops and smaller sub events offered in live sites.
  • All aspects of the program will be accessible virtually for those who cannot access a live site & all content will be recorded and available for viewing post event.
  • Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards (APSEA) presented virtually on Wed 31 March and broadcast to the live sites where drinks & nibbles will be provided to those who purchase a ticket.
  • Plenary speakers presenting live from the live sites, which will be broadcast virtually and to other live sites.

Notable speakers include:

  • Adam Ferrier, Found of THINKERBELL,
    Topic: How Marketing Often Confuses The Destination with The Journey
  • Kellen Crouse New York State Police’s Senior Intelligence Analyst
    Topic: The geography of crime: How the NY State Police catch a killer
    Topic: Sustaining the prosperity and well being of your nation
  • Alexis Smith, Founder & CEO, IMGEOSPATIAL,
    Topic: Its all about IA now, not just AI
  • Scott Dewar, Director, Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation,
    Topic: Transforming GEOINT
  • Prof Alan Duffy, Director, Swinburne’s Space Technology and Industry Institute,
    Topic: Space and Spatial – Challenges & Opportunities
  • Melissa Harris, Deputy Chair, Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council Topic: Strategic Directions for ANZLIC
  • Alison Rose, Chief of Place, Space and Community Safety, Geoscience Australia,
    Topic: Creating a location-enabled Australia
  • James Brown, CEO, Space Industry Association of Australia,
    Panellist for: Grand Debate: Opportunities and Challenges in Space + Spatial sector
  • Adam Gilmour, CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies,
    Panellist for: Grand Debate: Opportunities and Challenges in Space + Spatial sector

You can view the full Locate21 program here.

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