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Democratizing geospatial knowledge – Geospatial World

Vijay Krishnan, General Manager, Intel Geospatial

Back in 2018, we at Intel saw a unique opportunity in the geospatial market that was driven by three key trends — advances in the richness and frequency of data from Remote Sensing; scalability enabled by cloud computing; and the rapid emergence of Artificial Intelligence-powered analytics. We had expertise in all three areas so we launched Intel Geospatial, not only for its business potential but also because it offered the opportunity to solve key challenges for enterprise and government customers by helping them transform asset management to improve operational and safety performance.

Intel Geospatial is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that includes and unifies a broad range of multi-source geospatial data, geospatial data management, immersive 3D visualization, analytics applications, and enterprise integration. Our value lies in turning labor-intensive asset management tasks like inspections into a streamlined, data-driven science. By integrating AI into the workflow, we make it easy to extract timely business insights at scale. In terms of how we are unique, it is a combination of the breadth and richness of data offerings, a Cloud native platform that manages geospatial data at scale and the ability to harness best-in-class AI powered analytics from Intel and third parties.

Focus on simplicity, ease-of-use

At Intel Geospatial, we believe that simplicity and ease-of-use are very important for adoption of a new technology. The platform enables end-users across an organization to take advantage of its features and capabilities — without resident GIS or data science expertise. In addition, we are making it easy for software developers to deploy their AI-powered analytics on our platform. To help ensure interoperability with existing enterprise software, the platform has been built to industry standards from organizations including OGC and ISO. For both end-users and software developers, we intend to be a catalyst for broad scaling of geospatial AI, thereby driving the democratization of geospatial insights.

Intel Geospatial is a truly horizontal platform. That said, we fully realize the divergent and unique needs for each vertical market and use case in terms of geospatial data, analytics recipes and workflows. Our initial focus is to provide the necessary ingredients to utilities, energy, smart cities and insurance — helping our customer manage their assets and environment at scale. Over time, we will continue to evolve to address other industries as well.

Partnerships for added value

We see companies like Amazon, Esri, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and Google as being complementary to our offering. Our vision is to partner and coexist with these companies, while adding incremental value to end-user organizations through our capabilities in geospatial data management, multi-source geospatial data, and AI-powered analytics. As an example, we are hosted on AWS, we have collaborated with SAP to integrate with their S4/Hana platform, and we can exchange datasets and GIS layers with ArcGIS and other software.

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