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Intelex launches HazardIQ connected safety solution to propel digital EHSQ ecosystem – Geospatial World

Intelex Technologies, ULC, a leading global provider of SaaS-based Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) management software, has announced the evolution of connected safety with the general availability of Intelex HazardIQ, a new connected safety solution that uses the power of technology to protect the lives of workers in high and medium risk work environments.

HazardIQ is designed to generate efficiencies, reduce risk, provide enhanced safety protection, and optimize industrial hygiene (IH) for industries such as oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing that work to protect their workers from hazard exposure. As a device-agnostic solution, HazardIQ offers the ability to seamlessly integrate a breadth of connected worker and connected safety technologies allowing customers to integrate environmental monitoring devices, sensors, industrial wearables, and smart PPE to fit their unique hazard monitoring use cases.

HazardIQ allows organizations to break from reliance on manual self-reporting processes and move to an end-to-end real-time alarm, reporting, and incident management workflow within the Intelex platform. By automating the collection and dissemination of hazard exposure alarm data from a broad range of connected sensors, wearables, and other connected assets into Intelex, customers can streamline incident reporting for real-time worker safety, risk and compliance purposes, and initiate workflows to execute root cause analysis and preventative action to prevent risk from serious or even fatal exposures.

“As a result of increased operational uncertainty, safety innovators are taking a fresh look at their safety strategy to balance the need for a more data-driven and proactive safety approach to support business continuity and agility goals”, said Brian Ice, chief product and engineering officer at Intelex. “Safety leaders know that the way forward for world class safety programs is a holistic and data-enabled approach that connects people, processes and technology in real-time, enabling deeper insights to proactively eliminate risk and keep workers safer. HazardIQ gives them the technology to know what is happening in real-time to act immediately and get to why faster.”

In an industrial scenario, HazardIQ could be used as follows:

  • A potential real-time hazard has been detected through connected devices or sensor technologies that has sent the data to the Intelex platform where it has been triaged and analyzed against a broader set of EHS and IH data.
  • An EHS (Environment Health & Safety) manager can quickly create a new exposure incident or update an existing incident with all hazard data automatically included (e.g. hazard type, reading, severity and location).
  • If the alarm incident requires employees to be evacuated, an evacuation action can be activated including a bulletin that can be issued to alert impacted employees of the need to evacuate the facility or section of the facility.
  • The exposure incident is submitted into a workflow to determine root cause, collect contextual evidence and establish corrective and preventative actions.
  • An EHS or Industrial Hygiene manager generates detailed reporting on environmental hazards across their organization to determine the areas in which exposure risk could be elevated based on available hazard data and historical incident data.

In addition to decreasing exposure risks for workers, the solution empowers EHS managers with a level of connected intelligence and the ability to leverage future data-enabled environmental monitoring capabilities for deeper safety insights.

To learn more about HazardIQ, visit https://www.intelex.com/products/applications/hazardiq

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