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Positioning Australia seeks industry input

Image courtesy NASA/GSFC Scientific Visualization Studio.

Positioning Australia wants to hear from users of precise positioning services to help it develop the standards and protocols needed to meet industry requirements.

In December the agency released an online questionnaire that gives members of the geospatial sector the opportunity to provide feedback on how they use positioning in their daily work, and what they would like to see in future.

The questionnaire is still open, and all users of precise positioning services are encouraged to take part.

According to Positioning Australia, the goal is to “increase industry and community uptake of positioning technology, and ultimately improve how location information is used in Australian business operations”.

“We appreciate any insights you can provide into your organisation and your customers’ needs as they will help us to improve precise GNSS positioning capabilities and adoption across Australia.”

The initiative is a partnership between Positioning Australia, FrontierSI, Curtin University and Positioning Insights.

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