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Karnataka MP uses drones to deliver Covid-19 vaccine & sanitize health care Centers – Geospatial World

PC Mohan, MP Bengaluru Central & his special task force formed two weeks ago have developed a novel strategy to adopt advanced drone technology in the fight against Covid-19.

Active New Covid-19 Cases reached a Historic high of 3.5 lakhs yesterday. While the nation has been reeling due to a sudden surge, a special task force headed by PC Mohan has roped in renowned drone startup, Garuda Aerospace. The startup will deploy drones to deliver Covid-19 Vaccines to remote locations & sanitize primary healthcare Centers.

“For the first time in India, Drone Delivery of Covid Vaccines will undergo feasibility analysis & field trials in Karnataka under the watchful eyes of Karnataka Health Ministry & the Special Taskforce,” said PC Mohan.

He added, “The increasing demand of Covid-19 Vaccines at Primary health Centers has prompted the special task force to commence utilizing Drones in the Fight Against Covid-19”.

The MP expressed optimism on the initiative by saying, “If successful, this could be a breakthrough in ensuring Covid-19 vaccine reaches remote villages in Karnataka & geographically isolated locations across India.”

BBMP Special Commissioner Rajendran Cholan IAS also expressed his thoughts on the benefits of this strategic move by saying, “Drones and automated robots have the ability to eliminate human contact in the entire distribution process. He further added, “Front line workers who transport Vaccines from one location to another could themselves be carriers of the Virus.” concluded the Special commissioner.

Agnishwar, Founder & CEO of Garuda Aerospace, heralded the Strategic thought process of the special task force. He said, “In tumultuous times such as these, it is quite extraordinary to see visionary leadership exhibited by PC Mohan & the Government to utilize technology in our battle against Covid.”

“Our team is extremely committed to serve the nation & we will do everything in our power to leverage drone technology to save lives,” concluded Agnishwar.

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